Early Saturday morning, I set off on the motorbike trip to the blessed mountain of Sri Lanka called Samanalakanda. Finally, I’ve got a chance to explore real Sri Lanka. I was riding the scooter with a camera over my shoulder because there was always something to shoot. Sometimes cows on the road, another time tea plantations or spectacular waterfalls.

After a couple of hours riding a motorbike from Arugam Bay, I’ve arrived in Haputale. Great timing by the way because there was a beauty contest. So I could check my future potential wife, take some pictures and continue in my journey.


I was driving through tea plantations and half-empty villages when I realized the wheel on my bike is punctured, right in the middle of the nowhere. I was trying to continue really slow and I was lucky because there was some local small service. The man was nice and he promised me to repair the tire just for 200 rupees. But when I saw him how he uses his legs to put on the new tire and then his wife must hold the pump on the valve I’ve realized how different our worlds are.

He tried to put on and pump the tire maybe three times, but it wasn’t still right. After I told him that it’s ok and I went to the closest village where was bigger service with proper pump. Anyway, this man saved my trip, thank you.

The afternoon was super rainy and even had a raincoat from Bali I arrived pretty wetDalhousieusia. I found some cheap hostel there and tried to dry my clothes and shoes before the hike and take some rest because the next day at 2am starts the main goal of my trip a hike to the top of Adam’s peak to watch the sunrise. Stay tunned the article about this adventure coming soon… #CzechGeekOnTheWay

ヽ(ヅ)ノ #CzechGeekOnTheWay

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