I’ve arrived in Sri Lanka by plane, but to the south of the island I continued by train and it was definitely a good choice. At the train station in Colombo, I bought a ticket to Mirissa just for 240 Rp. The trains and buses are super cheap in Sri Lanka.


Rail trail runs around the coast and you can see the view of the sea all the way to Mirissa. The second class is pretty confortable, not that many people and as I said the ticket was super cheap. That’s all pros of this traveling, but the killing how long that 150 kilometres takes. It took me half a day, at least the view was all the way amazing.


I’ve got a feeling like I travel back in time. The railway built by British colonial government couldn’t change since they finished it.



On the way to the south, I’m passing a house with the Czech national flag called “Czech Beach Resort“. It seems in Sri Lanka will be more Czech than I thought.


Afternoon I’m arriving to Mirissa, buying my first bananas and tasting the first curry rice here, life of a digital nomad in Sri Lanka can begin.


So this is life of digital nomad. Would you like it? #CzechGeekOnTheWay

ヽ(ヅ)ノ #CzechGeekOnTheWay

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