Wake up at 6AM, then teeth, swimsuit, sunbathing cream, banana, and keys from my motorbike. A helmet is not necessary, just ride on the left side. So this is my everyday morning in Bali. Everybody is lives surfing here and during the dinner, we talk just about waves, surfboards and about the forecast for the next day.

Since very early morning the rental shop on the beach is opened and the price for surfboard is 50 000 IDR. Canggu has a great condition for surfing and you can basically go surf every day. Of course, sometimes the waves are smaller, then you can practise your paddling or catching white water. Anyway, sometimes the waves are killing and there are just 5 guys in the sea. Other 100 riders just watching them with opened month. This is Bali, the surfers paradise in Indonesia.

The transportation is incredible. They ride on the left and there is almost no rule on the road. Sometimes you can see traffic lights but mostly is just a chaos, which works perfectly by the way. Other crazy thing is driving motorbike after the beers. This is no problem in Bali and the police are totally fine with that.

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