After a couple of rainy weeks in Taipei, I’ve packed all my things and catch the first plane to a place with the best beaches and some sun. I’m in Bali, the surfer’s paradise in Indonesia.

Right at the airport, I’ve been welcomed by 30 people. They were local taxi drivers, so I told them I’m fine and went straight to change my clothes because killing hot outside.

Next couple of minutes I was searching a bus, cheaper transportation to Canggu or, at least, exchange with normal rates. But at the airport, they have the worst rates ever so I instead walk with another Australian guy to the city. It wasn’t that far to get to the city.

There I paid for a lift on a motorbike to Canggu, which is almost one hour far from the city. The guy was nice, but he didn’t know where is my hostel so he had to ask almost 15 times for right direction. Anyway, we made it and I’m in Surfers House with other young surfers.

I feel like one really big adventure is beginning and we will which direction the wind blow me. Check my Facebook, subscribe by email a lot of articles about living in Bali is coming like the best surfer’s wave.


ヽ(ヅ)ノ #CzechGeekOnTheWay

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