Take a scooter and go to the mountains? This is the start of every proper trip in Taiwan. Me and my friend, both students in Kaohsiung, did the trip like this some time ago. We crammed tent and sleeping bag under the scooter’s seat, refilled the gas and got out of the town.

To Alishan is it pretty long way from Kaohsiung, but we made it and afternoon we have been already under the mountains. We made a short stop at a small temple where locals just prepared some religious rite. We made a few pictures and continued to the mountains, Alishan was waiting, the place where the best Taiwanese tea is coming from. Mountains in Taiwan offering stunning views, waterfalls and plenty of tea plantations, and our goal was to see how the is produced.

The procedure is quite simple, the locals pick the right tea leaves by hand and transport them to the village for futher processing. They leave the tea on the ground to dry litle bit and they continue in drying indoor in the machines look like big drums. These make leaves wrinkled and get out unnecessary water. They repeat the process a few times and then go finish the drying in the special room for this purpose. Now just to pack the tea and then they can ship the high mountain right to your homes.

On the way home the weather got worse, maybe because of that traditional religious ritual in front of the temple as you can see in the video.

So this is Taiwan. Check for more articles about living and traveling in Taiwan like for example, How we almost climbed the highest peak of Taiwan. #czechgeekontheway



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