Have you received the invitation to a Taiwanese wedding? Then you can look forward a package of cookies and a great banquet, but don’t forget to prepare an envelope with money too! How is the Taiwanese wedding?

First you need to confirm the invitation which came by post. A couple of weeks later you will receive a box with cookies and official invitation, sometimes right from the hands of the engaged couple. The wedding has more parts and this article is about banquet as the main one. The banquet can be a lunch or a dinner in some restaurant, fancy hotel or just a parking lot.

At the entrance, you will pass the envelope to the ladies and they will count the money and write your name into the book with the amount. There is even the recommended amount 1600NT as a minimum per person you should pay or they won’t talk about you nicely. This is a way how to cover at least some costs of crazily expensive weddings in Taiwan.

Somebody will show you your place and you will be waiting for groom and bride. Sometimes they do symbolic act when the father of daughter will give her hand to the groom’s hands. According to the tradition, after the wedding is the girl member of a new family, so this the time when the father is losing her and sometimes there are some tears during this act.

Then is the time when the banquet can begin. One thing which is maybe surprising, they don’t drink beer on better weddings, just wine and whisky. The whole banquet is about food, drink and no dancing. After some time, groups of family members start to walk from table to table to say hello and toast with other people.  One round of this and people start to be tipsy. Some of them can make two rounds. People like me who doesn’t even know newlyweds they just sit, smile and don’t say to anybody.

You don’t have to be worried to be hungry, there is more food than you can ever finish. When you will be lucky like me, the chef will be on the best chefs in Taiwan. He prepared fresh tuna with wasabi, which they bring alive to the wedding or meat from shark fins. Everybody says how this meat is expensive but I had the shark on every wedding in Taiwan till now.

How can you see in the video, there is one moderator of the wedding, music band or a DJ, which do a programme for people and moderate the event. Taiwanese love singing more than dancing, so sometimes somebody just asks the band to play a song and start to sing on a microphone. In the end, of the event, people prepare their lunch boxes and start to dig the food to them or prepared plastic bags.

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