Every Monday at half past four I have a call with my colleagues back in Czech when they are having a morning coffee that time, and every Monday at five o’clock I have to mute my microphone because of the melody from the garbage truck drowns our conversation. My colleagues take this with humor already and they say: “Again on time. How they do that?”

How? Two or three cars collect the garbage from people. The waste is divided into the three categories when the first kind is a leftover food. You put that into the plastics bags and give it to the crew on the car. This car is the smelliest and the noisest as well. I guess it’s not necessary to write why is it smelly, so why is it noisy? Because the car plays Beethoven melody, which you can remember as a ring tone of your old cell phone.

The second car collects the non-recycle waste and for that one you have to pay. You just need to buy by government provided red plastic bags with validation sample for 15NT. Then you can throw basically everything if you can fit into the bag. In the places where would be three cars too many, there the first car collects as well the red bags. Right next to the car walks the guy who is collecting the bags from you and from time to time he presses the button for using the press on the car.

The last car of this cavalry is kinda a riding sorting line, which  collects recycle waste. There are one or three workers on the car according to the needs.

This repeats every day except Thursday and Sunday. If you live in the complex of flats, you pay a guard and as well person which do this for you. Basically, you just drop the waste in the bags on the corridor and this person will sort and throw that away for you.

These people don’t throw the waste on the car but they go to the special recycling centers where they can earn some small money. There is a pretty lot of these centers in the city and we have as well on our street. In the city, you can see many people whose have a bike or cart and they fill their big plastic bags with recycled waste and after they sell that in that centers.

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