According to the Chinese lunar calendar, tomorrow is the end of the year, but I feel like some kind of Christmas is coming to Taiwan. People are so in rush to buy enough food for dinner tomorrow and for one week long holidays which has officially begun.


Anybody who has a scooter is outside today buying meat, vegetables, cakes, fruits, alcohol, basically everything. Today is their last chance because next week, most of the stores will be closed and people will be celebrating like no other day during the year.


Chinese New Year is about money, and money. People go to post office to change their old banknotes to new ones. Why? They put them inside of red envelopes and then give, based on a couple of rules, to all kids in their family.


They have a whole week holidays. You can say they are lucky; we don’t have this in Europe but…. Taiwanese had to go work on Saturday last week and as well they have just two weeks of personal leave every year, so… don’t be jealous.


It’s already started yesterday because people are coming to their homes to celebrate with their families. They will stay one more night after and on the second day of Chinese New Year there will start a real migration of nations. Wives with their families will go visit homes of their parents. Basically, if you are not lucky enough and your families doesn’t live really close to each other, you will travel whole day to get somewhere, because on that day almost every car will ride out of the garage to enjoy huge traffic jams.


Last evening of the year is about playing games for money. Dices, different kinds of poker, mahjong and others. You can tell from TV as well because now there is huge campaign for online game playing mahjong in your phone or on your laptop. How to play? Like me in this two years old ad for one local tea shop.

Stay tuned, more about my first Chinese New Year celebration coming up soon. #czechgeekontheway

and Happy Chinese New Year!


ヽ(ヅ)ノ #CzechGeekOnTheWay

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