That was my very first time to celebrate New Year’s Eve abroad, even there was really cold  that time in Europe, we had chosen Berlin. This city not far from the Czech border and offers something to everybody. Especially around the end of the year, when everything is preparing for this big party, you can feel that atmosphere of an upcoming new year.

The center of whole New Year’s Eve celebration is the Brandenburg Gate, there is the main stage and whole street from there to the Victory Column is one big open dance floor. Many stores with German beer, great food, and alcohol. People are coming in advance because this event is really famous. Before midnight, it was already full and nobody can get inside. The German police were very thorough and I had felt hundred percent safe that time. Many stages with famous artists and people having fun around you. Everything is ending or actually starting with a great firework and Happy New Year 2016 can begin.

Those who don’t like parties can walk around the city center and see the Berlin’s wall, the Berlin Cathedral Church, Berliner Fernsehturm and other interesting places as you can see in my pictures. #czechgeekontheway #HalloAusBerlin




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