Chinese New Year is coming soon and I’m looking back for Christmas time in Taiwan. I’m really lucky guy because I can spend so much time with the most loving family in Taiwan. They don’t celebrate Christmas at all. No public holidays, just Christmas decoration in shopping malls, on the streets and their own way of American Christmas.

So how can you feel real Christmas atmosphere when you are so far from your hometown? As you know I’m a geek from a tiny little village in Czech, which means we have our own habbits. No Santa Claus and no „Silent Night“. The culture here in Taiwan is still closer to the States, so nobody ever heard about Czech Christmas, Baby Jesus or „Nesem vám noviny“.

But one thing is really fascinating, the people around me picked the best from all this holidays and they celebrate their own way. One of my best friends in Taiwan, who is still in kindergarten had this Christmas party. Kindergarten in Taiwan means a lot of kids, school buses picking them up,  English activities with native speakers and as well celebrating American holidays.

It was nice to hear those kids sing English Christmas carols and to see them decorate Christmas cookies. But the most amazing thing that I found on whole this event was walking around Kindergarten’s neighbourhood. The kids were going around singing carols in stores for applause and sweets. They even prepared they own costumes and real Santa came to the kindergarten too.

Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t like to be a kid for a while and enjoy those times again? I was as well about to sit on the Santa’s laps for my very first time, but, sometimes, when kids are brave, adults hesitate too long. We have something to learn from these small Santa’s dwarfs. Merry Christmas! #czechgeekontheway

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ヽ(ヅ)ノ #CzechGeekOnTheWay

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