Even thoughTaiwan is not a country of beer and often you don’t have too many options what to order for drinks in restaurants, you can still find some beer festivals here. Change a ticket for a ribbon, show the ribbon to get your glass, and a game called: “Find your favorite beer” can begin.

On entering, you can see a big periodical table with all kinds of beers. Just a quick look and my best friend, Czech pilsner, is on the world. Of course my very first question was, where can I find my lovely Czech friend? But I’ve got a short answer, “me jo” (we don’t have). OK, nevermind. Anyway, it’s like travel around the world and eat just your home cuisine.  So take your glass and try to find some new buddies here in Taiwan, your old friend from Czech will be fine. :-)

The most of the Taiwanese, Japanese and Chinese brands came to here with their special beers, fruit’s or very strong and bitter beers. I’m not really big fan of mixing fruit’s extracts and beer together, I’ve drunk mostly stronger beers and it was a right choice. After an hour and ten glasses of beer, I had been glad that band started to play and I could make a break for a while. 😀 When I looked around, and I saw Taiwanese guys bumping to each other and dropping their glasses, I wasn’t only one who needs some pause. This fact help me realized that I’m still in Taiwan even though there were more foreigners than in the arrival hall of Taoyuan International airport.

“Hotala”! (Cheers in Taiwan) #czechgeekontheway

ヽ(ヅ)ノ #CzechGeekOnTheWay

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