After more than one year, I’m back in Taiwan, not in Kaohsiung but in New Taipei  City. This location is giving me a chance to visit places in the north part of the island. As soon as I arrived and unpacked all my things, we head off to Yilan(宜蘭縣). The city is just an hour from Taipei by car. This fact and direct highway with many tunnels cross mountains make from Yilan favourite tourist spot for Taipei’s families.

Every Friday and Saturday is in the city big night market full of great food and unfortunately people too. I haven’t really seen many foreigners there and prices are pretty much same like in subareas of Taipei City. What I found really cool on this city is a beach and perfect waves for surfing. You can rent a surfboard right on the beach just for NT500 per day.

Another activity what you can do in Yilan is to visit a big open-air museum National Center for Traditional Arts. With hundreds of Chinese tourists, you can see many traditions from Taiwanese culture. You can buy some souvenirs, take pictures in traditional stores and after the lunch, you can say: “It was just another tourist trap for spending money.” But the good one. If you want to learn something about old traditional production in Taiwan, this is a great place. Especially the sweet shop is a totally worth seeing.

A little advice for you, when you are coming back to Taipei on Sunday and you have less than three people in your car, make sure you head off before 3 pm. Why? Because after this time the police will check every car and who has less than 3 people on board has to stay there until 9 pm. Or you can try to say to policemen that you are a foreigner and you don’t speak Chinese at all, like us. By the way, you’ll stay at least an hour in a traffic jam and one more on the way. Welcome in Taiwan, this is the highway from Yilan to Taipei.

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