A couple of hours long stopover in Amsterdam was a great chance to visit this capital city of tulips and coffee shops. Don’t hesitate to take a train for less than 10 euros return, from Schipol to Amsterdam Centraal. You will enjoy an atmosphere of this Dutch city full of small boats sailing on canals.

There is free WiFi on trains, which totally reminded me that I’m out of Czech Republic. I didn’t really have any sightseeing plan, but it turned out it wasn’t necessary. After a walking for few minutes, I saw my old friend, Sandeman’s walking tour. It wasn’t my plan that time, but why not? To see highlights of the city in a short time? Yes, please.

Morning Amsterdam is probably not that alive like pubs and red districts at night, but still, you can see an ordinary life of this European city.

Honestly, I have to say that I started to not like Sandeman’s free walking tours anymore. They promote more about their other products, support shops witch are friends with them and guides are trying to be funny all the time to make you feel you owe them some money. On the other hand, it’s always your choice how big tip you are gonna give him.

So I had a great time there. If you have a chance or 9 hours long transfer in Amsterdam, take a train and head off. Plus, if you are lucky enough to have a sunny day, you won’t definitely regret.

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