Yes, I am. This summer was probably the most boring summer ever. Writing a thesis and studying for exams. Surprisingly both is done. After 18 years at school I can finally say, I don’t have to go there anymore.

What am I gonna do now?

Good question. Now is the right time to start with all that things what I always wanted to do later. More sleep, cycling, edit all videos from traveling… What am I actually doing instead?Packing for next trip abroad, drink more than before, learning Chinese and English. Especially the one about English is obviously a good joke because of all the mistakes in the text. Have you found some? Please write a comment, I will be grateful.

Hitchhiking is my lifestyle.

Despite all the studying, I found some time to go somewhere too. Me and my friend we hitched to Votvírak(music festival). We as well made a race, if it is faster hitchhiking or traveling by bus to my another friend’s place. Of course bus was slower, more expensive and much more boring. I love this lifestyle, meeting new people, an adventure, and many stories. #hitchhiking

So on Thursday I’m going abroad again. This time on my favorite island. Stay tuned. Czech Geek is On The Way.


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