After one semester in Taiwan and the second one in UK, I know that studying abroad is a great challenge. Don’t stay home with all the excuses about money, time and responsibilities or you will miss an incredible opportunity with amazing benefits in all areas of life. Believe it or not? Read on and you can decide by yourself.

Money don’t grow on trees

This is probably the commonest excuse and reason for not studying abroad. How to deal with it if you are not the kids of millionaires? Everything is about priorities; once you realize that investing in your education and learning new things are much more important than things like expensive fashion, fancy stuffs, or all the money you spend on trying to be happy, you will have enough to go. I’m studying now in one of the most expensive countries from the whole Erasmus program with the weakest home currency from all of my friends, as a result, unfortunately, I know what I’m talking about.


I have a job here. I have to finish this first. I don’t have time to go.

All of these are just excuse. It’s about the priorities again. Quit your job and you can find a better or at least an equal  one. Don’t wait until you will be out of time; just finish one or two things and go. Trust me; under no circumstances will you be able to finish everything.

What can you get? Everything!

Since you are out of your country, you get to have a great chance to make new friends from all over the world. Most of the time, you are forced to speak foreign language, which improves your language skills much more than just sitting in a class with your classmates and talking about topics from textbooks.


If you really want to understand people from different countries, visit them and talk to them, only from that you can discover new amazing cultures and put your life in context. The more exotic countries, the bigger culture shock and more unforgettable experiences. Worthwhile!


You will have experience from their education systems, and many other small but important details from their lives which will make you rich in many ways. Remember to keep your eyes open; just by doing so you can make the most of this and maybe even something more. :]


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